Improved Cold Application
The application of cold has been used for centuries to treat pain and swelling. A 
recent improvement to the method of application has made it more safe, effective
and patient friendly. The Kodiak Cold Therapy System allows for a more convenient 
and effective delivery of cold treatment that will assist you in treating your injury/repair 
more optimally.
Essentially, there are 3 main improvements over conventional cold application methods:
    • convenient, long application periods of up to 6-8hrs
    • constant and regulated cooling that avoids sub-zero temps
    • optimized cooling for different body areas via the joint-specific IntelliFlo cooling pads.
Patients choose the Kodiak for many potential benefits such as:
    • improved pain control
    • improved inflammation suppression
    • better night's rest
    • reduced risk of skin injury
    • deeper and more safely cooled area





Basic Operation

The Kodiak Cold Therapy Unit circulates ice cold water through a cooling pad that is wrapped
snugly to the desired area. Fill with ice and water, plug it into the wall (or use optional battery
pack), and put on the cooling pad and you are set for 6-8 hours of safe, temperature optimized cold therapy. Please read complete instructions with unit. (Link to complete instructions here.)

Common Examples of Use

The Kodiak Cold Therapy System is used in many common procedures and circumstances such as:
        • Arthroscopic Procedures
  • Total Knee, Hip Procedures
  • Plastic Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Post-Trauma
  • Chronic Pain
  • Physical Therapy.